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2024 Hair Trends with Calista

2024 Hair Trends with Calista

We recently had a chat with Calista Carreon, one of the founders of Hair Anatomy Studios, to get the lowdown on what’s hot and happening in the world of hair in 2024. Calista, a seasoned stylist, shared some exciting trends and expert tips. Let’s dive in!

Back to your roots – Embracing natural hair colour

Calista predicts that 2024 will see a return to embracing our natural hair colours. It seems more and more people are putting the health of their hair front and center. Clients are increasingly prioritizing their hair’s well-being over bold, high-maintenance colours that can be a real workout for your locks. Instead, they’re going au naturel or opting for coloring styles that enhance and blend seamlessly with their original hue. Think “lived-in hair colour” or balayage. It’s all about that effortless and subtle touch.

Healthy hair is always in style, but in 2024, it’s taking the spotlight. According to Calista, clients are becoming laser-focused on the health of their hair. Gone are the days of sacrificing hair integrity for vibrant but potentially damaging colours. Prioritizing healthy hair hair not only looks good but also stands up to the demands of styling.

The resurgence of Bob Cuts are making a grand comeback in 2024. This timeless haircut offers a fresh and chic look by bidding farewell to those pesky split ends and giving you a clean, stylish appearance. Bobs are versatile, so you can tailor them to suit your face shape and personal style.

Hair care tips for damaged hair

Calista didn’t leave us hanging when it came to tips for damaged hair:

    Limit Heat Styling

    Overusing heat styling tools can lead to long-term heat damage. It shows up as split ends, altered curl patterns, and excessive damage after coloring or chemical treatments. So, here’s the deal: limit your heat styling to once a week at most, and always use a heat protectant! Experiment with heatless styling methods, like overnight braiding or twisting, for a change in texture.

    Handle wet hair with care

    Wet hair is at its most fragile, so treat it gently. Say no to aggressive brushing and definitely avoid sleeping on wet hair. Wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage, especially if it’s already compromised.

    Regular Trims

    Make it a habit to visit your stylist every 2-3 months for trims and dusting off those split ends. Your hair might be growing from the roots, but if you’ve got split ends, it’s always getting shorter from the bottom. Keep those ends in check for healthier hair growth!

Understanding hair porosity and its role in hair colouring

Calista gave us the 411 on hair porosity. Essentially, it measures how well your hair can absorb and retain moisture. Low porosity hair has a tightly sealed cuticle and takes its sweet time to dry. It can be a bit resistant to hair colouring and chemical treatments. On the flip side, high porosity hair has gaps in the cuticle layer, dries quickly, and is prone to frizz and dryness. When it comes to hair colouring, porosity affects how your hair takes in colour. Low porosity hair is more resistant and needs more time, while high porosity hair is the opposite. It soaks up color quickly but can also lose it in a hurry. Knowing your porosity is key to picking the right color for your hair type!

So, how does Calista tailor hair colour to different hair types and textures? A lot of it comes back to porosity. Low porosity hair is typically smoother and shinier, making it a better canvas for retaining colour. That’s why she may suggest warmer tones for high porosity hair, as they fade less quickly and are more natural to the hair’s underlying pigments. On the flip side, low porosity hair can rock unnatural colours because it holds onto them better.

Common misunderstandings about hair colouring

    Hair Damage

    Many folks worry that hair colouring will spell disaster for their locks. But here’s the scoop: most of the time, hair coloring isn’t as damaging as you might think. It really depends on your hair’s current condition and what you’re aiming for. First-time colour sessions or lightening often leave your hair slightly drier and tanglier, but no major breakage or damage. Severe damage usually occurs after several colouring sessions, especially when going lighter.

    Color Maintenance

    Almost every hair colour demands some form of upkeep. Whether you’re rocking blonde or brunette, expect to visit the salon 2-6+ times a year. Maintenance could be as simple as a colour refresh or touching up your regrowth. These appointments are vital for keeping your colour looking fresh and fabulous!

The Hair Anatomy Studios journey

Ever wondered how Hair Anatomy Studios came to be? Calista shared their story:

The Hair Anatomy brand started with Nick’s education program, and he always dreamt of opening a salon. In 2021, Nick was on the hunt for a small space to separate his work and home life post-pandemic. When they stumbled upon a space with room for expansion, Nick’s original plan was to grow it within a year or two. That’s when Calista came in with the pep talk—why wait? So, in the days that followed, she made the move to Montreal, and together they embarked on this journey. Four months later, Hair Anatomy Studios swung its doors open, and they took a leap of faith together!

Calista’s favorite thing about her career? The creative aspect. Even if she doesn’t consider herself particularly creative in other areas, working with hair brings out her artistic side. Hair is her canvas, and she loves crafting custom looks for her clients.

If hair had a personality

If hair had its own personality, Calista would describe it as easy-going and playful. Sounds like the kind of hair we’d all love to have, right?

Desert island hair product

Imagine being stranded on a deserted island with just one hair product. For Calista, it’s a no-brainer—dry shampoo! It’s a savior when it comes to preventing greasiness, freshening up your hair, and adding volume. Everything your hair needs for island living!

So, there you have it, folks! The scoop on 2024 hair trends and expert advice from Calista Carreon. Whether you’re planning to embrace your natural color, prioritize healthy hair, or go for that chic bob, you’re now armed with the knowledge to make it happen. Happy styling!

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