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A Guide to Men’s Hair Colour – Do’s and Don’ts

A Guide to Men’s Hair Colour – Do’s and Don’ts

At Hair Anatomy Barber Shop, we understand that men’s hair color can be a game-changer, enhancing your style and confidence. However, achieving the perfect hair color requires careful consideration and expert advice.

We’re all about helping you look your best, and that includes nailing your hair color game. Our quick guide to Men’s Hair Color Do’s and Don’ts will keep you on point and confident in your color choices.


Talk it Out: Chat with our experienced colorists before diving into any coloring adventure. Let’s find the shade that works magic with your skin tone and style.

Keep it Real: Let’s think about your daily hustle. Subtle highlights or natural shades are often the go-tos for a boss look that can handle anything.

Hair Health First: Get those locks in top shape before coloring. Regular trims, deep conditioning, and a bit of TLC ensure your color pops and your hair shines.

Easy Does It: If you’re coloring for the first time, start small. Gradual changes let you get used to the new you, one step at a time.

Top-Shelf Stuff: Invest in top-notch color-safe products. They’re the wingmen that keep your color looking fresh and fabulous.


No Drastic Leaps: Keep your color grounded. Extreme changes can turn heads, but maybe not in the way you want.

Chill with the Experimentation: Overdoing color can be a hair disaster. Give your mane a break between color changes, and trust our timeline advice.

DIY Detour: Steer clear of those supermarket color kits. You’re better off leaving color to the pros. DIY can lead to color chaos.

Skip the Afterparty: Aftercare’s your new BFF. Stay away from chlorine, harsh sun, and too much heat to keep your color alive.

Maintenance MIA: No-show for touch-ups? Your color might start ghosting on you. Keep it locked with regular maintenance.

At Hair Anatomy, we’re all about giving you that color confidence. Our skilled crew’s got your back. Book an appointment, and we’ll work our color magic to make heads turn. Don’t let your hair dreams be dreams. Schedule a sit-down with our Hair Anatomy pros, with our talented colorist Calista, and let’s make those color dreams come true!

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