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Hair Anatomy Education

Our Hair Anatomy Education Barber Courses offer a thorough education in all aspects of barbering, from hair anatomy and basic haircutting techniques to advanced styling and business strategies. 

1 Day Course

$ 500
  • A full day of one-on-one training
  • Intro to the anatomy of hair and different types of hair
  • Learn about different hair products and their use
  • Basic haircutting techniques
  • And more

3 Day Course

(Best Choice)
$ 1200
  • 3 days of one-on-one training
  • Covers topics in 1 day course in more depth
  • Learn advanced different hair products and their use
  • Learn the business side of barbering
  • And more

9 Day Course

$ 3500
  • Comprehensive training including hands-on experience on the salon floor
  • In addition to topics covered in 3 day course, learn advanced hair colouring and hair cutting techniques
  • Learn more about the business side of barbering including how to build a clientele and how to market yourself as a barber
  • And more